A leaflet about the project has been published, December 2021

Because we want the citizens to be as well informed as possible about the project and the benefits it brings to all residents of our municipality, we have published a leaflet describing the project, locations and planned works. The leaflet was received by 60,000 households together with the December issue of the newspaper Moj Maribor.

Zloženka o projektu
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Formal signing of the contract, 8. 9. 2021

With the ceremonial signing of the contract for the construction of 24 kilometers of modern sewerage systems in the area of Kamniška graba, Limbuš and Laznica, Malečnik and Trčova and Pekre and Hrastje, signed on 8 September 2021 by the Mayor of Maribor, Aleksander Saša Arsenovič and director of Nigrad, d.o.o. , Matjaž Krevelj, the implementation of the project "Drainage and treatment of wastewater in the Drava river basin - Municipality of Maribor" has begun.

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