Drainage and treatment of wastewater in the Drava river basin
Municipality of Maribor
More about the project
Operacijo sofinancirata Evropska unija iz Kohezijskega sklada in Republika Slovenija
With the project, the inhabitants of the Municipality of Maribor will acquire a modern wastewater management system, which will significantly reduce the pollution of the Drava River and thus more successfully maintain its ecological stability and biodiversity. In addition to the direct positive effects on our health, a cleaner and healthier environment also brings an increase in the quality of life of all those who live and workin the Municipality of Maribor.

About the project

The project Drainage and treatment of wastewater in the Drava river basin - Municipality of Maribor brings the construction of a modern sewerage system, which will additionally connect 3,508 inhabitants of local communities Kamnica, Limbuš, Pekre and Malečnik - Ruperče, whose municipal wastewater has been discharged so far directly into the Drava River or into septic tanks, to the sewerage network.

After the construction of the sewerage system, the level of connection of the population to the appropriate public wastewater disposal infrastructure will be 98%. All connected will be provided with appropriate treatment of municipal wastewater at the Central Cleaning Plant Maribor.
The project brings a number of advantages to the residents of the mentioned settlements and the Municipality of Maribor. The first is the provision of modern wastewater management infrastructure in those suburban areas in the Municipality of Maribor that have not been adequately equipped with utilities so far. This directly raises the living standards of their inhabitants, raises the quality of life in these areas and enables their further development. Another advantage is the reduction of environmental pollution and the preservation of the biodiversity of the Drava river basin.
Each additional meter of public municipal wastewater disposal, culminating in appropriate treatment at the treatment plant, contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment, cleaner groundwater and watercourses that have been exposed to pollution due to direct discharges or septic tanks. This advantage is essential in the light of maintaining the ecological stability of the area, preserving water resources as a strategic asset of the country in times of climate change, and especially due to the direct positive effects on the health of the population.

Vrednost projekta

Project value

The project is worth 11 million euros. It is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union (85%) and the Republic of Slovenia (15%) in the amount of EUR 5 million.

Izvajalec projekta

Project contractor

Izvajalec del je podjetje The contractor is the company Nigrad, d.o.o.,which will work with partners (Pomgrad, d.d., Cestno podjetje Ptuj, d.d. and Komunala Slovenske gorice, d.o.o.).

Trajanje projekta

Duration of the project

The project will be completed by the end of 2023.


Kamniška graba KS Kamnica

KS Kamnica

We will build 1,230 meters of new sewers.

Malečnik-Trčova KS Malečnik - Ruperče

KS Malečnik - Ruperče

We will build 9,600 meters of gravity and pressure channel and nine pumping stations.

Pekre-Hrastje KS Pekre

KS Pekre

We will build 6,800 meters of gravity and pressure channel and a discharge tank with a pumping station.

Limbuš-Laznica KS Limbuš

KS Limbuš

We will build 6,600 meters of gravity and pressure channel and one pumping station.